Leis Realty’s founding principles were to serve clients with honesty and integrity at all times and all costs. That means, sometimes they have the conversations with their clients that might be difficult to hear.

Over the years, buyers have come to Leis Realty wanting to put an offer in on a dream home that their present financial situation just couldn’t support. Leis realty agents will caution you if you area headed toward a dangerous situation, even if it costs them the sale. A strong home ownership situation is better for the homeowner and for all parties involved. No one wants to be in over his or her head financially.

Sometimes sellers become overly emotional in their valuation of their homes, and want to price their properties above their true value. A Leis Realty agent will always be honest and forthright about the true value of your property. In order for a home to sell quickly, it simply has to be priced according to what the market will bear. The longer a property is on the market, the lower the selling price will eventually go. Pricing appropriately sells homes… getting stuck in dreams of high profits is often a detriment to progress.

Leis Realty is a member of the National Association of Realtors and Ohio Association of Realtors, and adheres to their code of ethics. But above and beyond those guidelines, our agents simply work every day with the level of integrity that was instilled into the business nearly 40 years ago.

We work right because it’s the right thing to do.